Clock Tower Pack


 The best deal we have to get started with our Clock Tower Eliquid Line! 30x 60ml bottles for a one time price with five bottles of all six flavors.

Big Ben - It's like a big bowl of fruit salad mixed together with an ambrosia exhale

Chime - Fall madly in love, Mango but with a sweet maple syrup after-taste

Cogs - Enjoy the old-school taste of crunch berry cereal, It'll remind you of Saturday morning cartoons

Mainspring - A refreshing twist on a classic drink, cactus limeade

Sprocket - A subtle juicy peach mix with a slight tart kick of nectarine on the end

Ratchet - A unique elderberry dragon fruit blend that will have you coming back again and again

Pack 1: (1) 0mg, (2) 3mg, (2) 6mg

Pack 2: (5) 0mg

Pack 3: (5) 3mg