eGo Carrying Case | Small


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Electronic cigarette and vaping hardware can be expensive. It is therefore a wise decision to protect your devices and precious e-juice bottles from potential damage. The eGo carrying case offers you a chic and fashionable way in which you can conveniently carry your vaping supplies, while helping to protect them from possible harm.

Available in a variety of colors, these wonderful carrying cases are furnished with heavy-duty zippers that allow you to effortlessly open and close your case. The top of the eGo carrying case is stylishly equipped with a metallic logo, which depicts the “eGo” name.

Inside of the eGo carrying case you will notice that both halves contain pockets that can hold various batteries, tanks, and e-juice bottles. Each pocket is furnished with elastic threading and net material that will help ensure your items are securely held in place while you are moving around.

The eGo carrying case is an indispensable item that will allow you to organize, protect, and carry your valuable electronic cigarette and vaping supplies.